Inclusion and urban mobility with a human-rights and gender-equality approach: a policy instrument analysis and identification framework for the development of sustainable urban mobility systems in Latin America

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The quality of life, well-being and enjoyment of rights by people who live in and around cities are closely linked to urban mobility. From that perspective, how can we ensure that policies implemented in mobility systems and other related sectors adopt a human rights and gender approach? This document addresses urban mobility from a social perspective in which human rights, the gender approach and the social inequality matrix converge. The objective is to identify policy areas and instruments that favour universal enjoyment of human rights and prevent their violation in urban mobility systems in Latin America, as well as in other sectors related to their infrastructure and sustainability (renewable energies, new technologies, automotive industry, construction among others). To achieve this, it offers policy guidelines for the various public and private actors with responsibilities in this area.

Martínez, Rodrigo- Maldonado, Carlos- Schönsteiner, Judith