The New Urban Agenda Illustrated

The New Urban Agenda gives clear guidance on how well-planned and well-managed urbanization can be a transformative force to accelerate towards the Sustainable Development Goals. It has inspired new solutions that make cities key players in addressing the climate emergency, managing migration flows, fighting pandemics and other global challenges. We are however not on track to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal 11 on “Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. The ‘New Urban Agenda Illustrated’ handbook offers clear definitions and practical applications to make the global framework more accessible and user-friendly for policymakers and urban practitioners, both within government, across the broad range of urban stakeholders and within the UN. We need a more hands-on approach to scale and accelerate our actions. The illustrated handbook complements the existing text of the New Urban Agenda. It explains the core dimensions, messages and “transformative commitments “and unpacks the text of the New

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