Voluntary Local Review (VLR) - Bogotá 2022

This Voluntary Local Review (VLR) presents the progress made on these actions prioritized by Bogotá, which are condensed into five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • SDG 1. End poverty: The city showcases its efforts to protect the rights of the most vulnerable, including women, youth, and families, and its measures to overcome exclusion, discrimination, and socioeconomic and spatial segregation, such as the Bogota Solidaria System.
  • SDG 5. Gender equality: The report emphasizes the creation of solutions to promote gender equality by improving the quality of life for women burdened with unpaid care work, expanding their opportunities for rest, training, and income. Through the Care System, the city has taken concrete actions to close the gaps between men and women and empower the women and girls of Bogota.
  • SDG 8. Decent work and economic growth: The city has implemented innovative strategies in employment, entrepreneurship, and business strengthening with a differential approach to absorb the pressure on the labour market.
  • SDG 11. Sustainable cities and communities: The report highlights the vision of Bogota as a city that promotes sustainable multimodal mobility.
  • SDG 13. Climate action: The city actively works on a Climate Action Plan to address immediate and long-term challenges, both in the city and the metropolitan region.

The report includes some of the significant experiences that contribute to the fulfilment of each of the relevant SDGs. The examples were selected with the support of six organizations representing the private sector, civil society, and academia.

Front-Page VLR Bogotá 2022
Municipality of Bogotá