Voluntary Local Review (VLR) - Mexico City 2021

Title: "Mexico City, Innovation and Rights"

Mexico City assumes sustainability as a guiding principle for the definition of its development policies and its contribution to global development agendas. This report has been prepared in order to make known the policies and actions that are being implemented at the local level and that are consistent with the vision and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, as well as with other international agendas.

As a strategy for planning and problem management, Mexico City has proposed to focus collective actions on the achievement of human rights; on using and promoting technological, institutional, social and environmental innovation; and on metropolitan collaboration with the region to which it belongs and with which it coexists. Through six axes of action, efforts, approaches, initiatives and aspirations were articulated to address the major challenges of the capital:

  • Axis 1 - Equal Rights: Tackling social and territorial inequality.
  • Axis 2 - Sustainable City: Fostering economic and urban development hand in hand with environmental protection.
  • Axis 3 - Integrated Mobility: Improving mobility.
  • Axis 4 - Cultural Capital of America: Promoting culture.
  • Axis 5 - Zero Aggression and Better Security: Eradicating violence.
  • Axis 6 - Science, Innovation and Transparency: Using science and technology for connectivity and improved government management.

The VLR presents the progress achieved in providing quality services for the entire population and meeting their needs, the construction of integrated and equitable territories, the transition to renewable energies and the recovery of biodiversity, the extension of integrated public transportation, the use of digitalization as a tool for public innovation, transparency and governance. But it also brings forward the great challenges the city still faces in guaranteeing affordable housing for those who need it and in eradicating violence and corruption.

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Government of Mexico City