Voluntary National Review (VNR) - Grenada 2022

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Title: "Putting People at the center of Sustainable Development and Transformation"

Grenada’s First Voluntary National Review (VNR) focuses on seven of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals

  • Goal 4- Quality Education: Current Government initiatives include the GEEP—Grenada Education Enhancement Project—which facilitates the refurbishment of schools across the island;
  • Goal 5- Gender Equality: Gender themes are reflected in several policy frameworks, including the Medium-Term Action Plan;
  • Goal 8- Decent Work and Economic Growth: High unemployment rates remain a challenge; however, several projects, including the Land Bank Project, the G-Crews Project and the UNDP Climate Resilience Agriculture Programme, create spaces for employment, particularly for the country’s youth;
  • Goal 13- Climate Action: Several policy Frameworks, such as the National Climate Change Policy and the National Adaptation Plan advance the country’s strategic approach to adaptation and resilience;
  • Goal 14- Life below Water: The Fiscal Resilience and Blue Growth Development Policy Credit Project complements the creation of additional Marine Protected Areas and Legislative and Policy frameworks to support marine areas management on the island.;
  • Goal 15- Life on Land: The Forest Policy provides the overarching framework to ensure the resilience and sustainability of the resource through a number of strategic directions;
  • Goal 17- Partnerships for the Goals: Multi-stakeholder partnerships pave the way for SDG advancement in Grenada as stakeholders recognize the need for an ‘all-of-government’ and ‘all-of-society’ approach to national and, by extension, sustainable development.

To report on Grenada's progress on these SDGs, the VNR conducted a series of stakeholder engagement workshops to ensure all sectors of society were represented.

VNR Grenada 2022
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Business and CARICOM Affairs - Government of Grenada