Voluntary National Review (VNR) - Guyana 2023

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Title: "One Guyana: Achieving Low-Carbon Sustainable Development For All"

Guyana’s Second VNR affords a more detailed examination of Goals 6, 7, 9, 11 and 17, than in the first VNR.  Extensive stakeholder engagements were undertaken including two high-level VNR national consultations. The report highlights the following policies, programmes, and results:

  • In relation to Goal 6, in 2020, Value Added Tax (VAT) was removed on water charges, and over 28,000 pensioners are now receiving free water supply of up to 10m3 of water per month, which is fully subsidised by the Government to the tune of $523 million annually.
  • Under Goal 7, Guyana has committed to ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all – leaving no one behind. In 2022, the Government launched an initiative ("Solar Home Energy"  programme) to improve energy services in the hinterland (rural) communities where approximately 10 percent of the Guyanese population resides.
  • In line with Goal 9, approximately $1.3 billion was allocated towards eight (8) hinterland airstrips. These hinterland airstrips serve approximately 10 percent of Guyana’s population, who reside in those areas. Further, over $5.7 billion has been spent on the hinterland road network to upgrade over 1,685 km of road.
  • In keeping with Goal 11, support for home ownership for young persons through the Young Professionals housing programme has provided increased access to housing solutions for Guyana’s youth. Persons from as young as 21 can apply for land for housing in Guyana.
  • As reflected under Goal 17, the challenge in access to affordable financing remains significant and can stymie progress towards achieving the Goals. Guyana’s ability to mobilise domestic resources has allowed increased financing for its Indigenous communities. A dedicated 15 percent of all revenues from forest carbon markets will be available to Amerindian communities to finance the implementation of their own Village Sustainability Plans (VSPs).
  • Additionally, policy actions to liberalise the telecommunications sector to reduce the cost of the internet and enable access to vulnerable communities have resulted in increased users across the country.
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