Land Use Plan and Secondary Plans

Planning instrument type

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21. Secondary Plans
1.    (1)  A Secondary Plan shall be prepared for Secondary Planning Areas defined in a Land Use Plan in order to — 
1.    (a)  ensure the better planning and regeneration of selected areas; 
2.    (b)  provide a process and a framework for addressing planning issues affecting or characterizing specific areas; 
3.    (c)  strengthen existing developed areas and to facilitate, where desirable, appropriate and orderly redevelopment; 
4.    (d)  ensure the orderly, efficient and appropriate development of large tracts of vacant or underutilized land; 
5.    (e)  ensure that desirable characteristics of an area are protected and enhanced. 




Land Use Plan  (4) A Land Use Plan may define Secondary Planning Areas as areas of comprehensive development that should be developed or redeveloped as a whole or in phases as part of a whole where more detailed directions for land use, infrastructure, transportation, environment, urban...

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