Video: Urban and Cities Platform


The Urban and Cities Platform of Latin America and the Caribbean responds to the great need to collect and analyse information on urban areas in the region, in order to monitor the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Regional Action Plan for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean, 2016–2036.

The Platform is intended to provide a user-friendly interactive interface to access different types of regional, national and subnational information. The information may of use to decision-makers, the academic sector
and civil society, and will contribute to formulation of policies, plans, programmes, projects and spaces for sharing experiences.

The Platform contains information on the 33 countries in the region. Each of them has its own page, describing management systems and instruments (in areas such as planning, financing, national urban policies and regulatory frameworks). Information on cities is also provided, on the capital of each country and the largest cities, concerning their current urban situation. The Platform provides urban statistics for the region, individual countries and specific cities, relating to key urban issues in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The content is grouped according to the six thematic areas established during the preparatory process for the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III): (i) social cohesion and equity; (ii) urban frameworks; (iii) spatial development; (iv) urban economy; (v) urban ecology and environment; and (vi) urban housing and basic services. These thematic areas, in turn, are divided into 22 subtopics, which can be consulted separately.

The Platform also offers dissemination resources on events, courses and capacity-building materials, regional and local news and publications on key topics that relate to sustainable urban development.

A promotional video of the Urban Platform, with its different components, contents and functionalities, can be found in the link on the right.