Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

San Vicente y las Granadinas
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Saint Vicente and the grenadines

National Urban Policy

  • The National Economic and Social Development Plan for St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    covers the period 2013-2025, and outlines the country’s long-term strategies for
    national development. The Plan offers a vision for improving the quality of life for all
    Vincentians and is anchored on the achievement of the following over-arching goals:
    • High and sustained levels of economic growth
    • Reduced unemployment and poverty levels
    • Improved physical infrastructure and environmental sustainability
    • High levels of human and social development
    • A peaceful, safe and secure nation
    • A technologically advanced work-force
    • A deep sense of national pride and cultural renaissance
    • Regional integration
    • Enhanced global solidarity

    (P. 10)

    National urban policy type:
    Partial - National Development Policy
    Policy temporality: