The Urban and Cities Platform of Latin America and the Caribbean responds to the great need to collect and analyze information related to urban areas of the region. The Platform provides its users with an objective tool to monitor the implementation of the urban dimension of the 2030 Agenda, the New Urban Agenda and the Regional Action Plan for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. It also provides a space to facilitate the exchange of experiences and ideas in order to strengthen regional, national and subnational capacities for sustainable urban development and promote South-South cooperation as a horizontal learning mechanism in the region.

The objective of the Platform is to present information from both the national level and the sub-national level / city level. It seeks to provide its users with a means of visualizing information through a friendly and interactive interface. The information presented can be of use for decision makers as well as members of academia and civil society. It will serve to support development of policies, plans, programs and projects, to generate reports, academic studies and keep the citizens of the region informed.

The Platform is made up of two main components:

The Observatory: to collect and visualize urban and city information such as relevant indicators for monitoring the implementation of the NAU and the SDGs , legal instruments, urban plans, programs, projects, case stuides and other initiatives.

The virtual Forum: for the analysis and discussion of territorial urban dynamics and processes in the region. It is based on the exchange of ideas and experiences between experts, decision makers and interested parties, to promote a strengthening of national and sub-national capacities for the implementation of sustainable development agendas.