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National Urban Policy

  • This National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP) is the anchor for Grenada’s development agenda and priorities for the period 2020-2035. It provides strategic direction to steer the Tri-island State toward achieving Vision 2035 and as such, it puts forward localized solutions that are aimed at fundamentally improving the way we as Grenadians live, work, treat our natural environment, and interact with our institutions and each other. In so doing, it provides an opportunity for significant national transformation. The Plan is firmly grounded in Grenadian realities and is built on the aspirations of the Grenadian people.

    National urban policy type:
    Partial - National Development Policy
    Policy temporality:
  • Territorial planning in Grenada takes place largely on the national level through different types of plans, policies and national strategies. On the other hand, the local governments may be responsible mainly for revising the physical plans which concern their areas of governance. The key institution overseeing the territorial planning process is the Physical Planning Unit (PPU) which falls under the Ministry of Finance. It is worth mentioning that the dimension of sustainable land management is increasingly being incorporated into the planning instruments in the country.