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República bolivariana
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National Urban Policy

  • Venezuela's Law of Urban Lands purpose is to regulate the tenure of unused urban land, suitable for the development of social housing and habitat programmes, in order to establish the basis for urban development and the progressive satisfaction of the right to decent housing in urban areas.  (Article 1)

    Venezuela's Plan de la Patria 2025 also considers a spatial dimension of development, with a deepening and reorganization of the system of urban services and public infrastructure. Priority is given to a new regional urban system; the right to the city/services, public space and urban equipment; a housing plan and the local economy, among others.

    National urban policy type:
    Partial - Law
    Policy temporality:
  • Venezuela is a decentralized federal republic divided into states and municipalities. Although Venezuela is a federative state and has advanced in the creation of laws for municipal decentralization with respect to administrative and political matters, in the area of financing it continues to have a high level of dependence. The municipalities have the autonomy to administer and collect their own taxes, which become an important source of their income, especially for the municipalities where the main industrial activities are located. However, transfers from the central government continue to be the main source of income for most of them through the transfer of the Situado Municipal, which is one of the most important.

    The states do not have the capacity to collect their own taxes nor the capacity to borrow, which makes them more dependent than the municipalities on transfers from the central government.