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República Presidencial
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National Urban Policy

  • The Plan seeks to guide the occupation of the territory, so as to rationally take advantage of the potential of existing natural resources to achieve development, avoiding the irreversible deterioration of the physical environment, which usually occurs through the impact of various activities. This is why Development and Land Use Planning suggests the development of certain areas, the incorporation of equipment and infrastructure, and economic deconcentration and decentralisation as mechanisms for a more harmonious integral development between the Departments or regions of a country. (p. 12, para. 3)

    National urban policy type:
    Partial - Territorial Plan
    Policy temporality:
  • In recent years Paraguay has worked on land use planning and urban development at different administrative levels. The executive power institutions such as the Secretary of the Environment and the Technical Secretary of Planning are responsible for proposing national instruments. Much of the work of territorial planning in Paraguay is develop at the local level through the Urban and Territorial Planning Plans and the Municipal Plans for Sustainable Development.