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Monarquia parlamentaria constitucional
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National Urban Policy

  • The National Development Plan: Vision2040, provides a roadmap for the future development of The Bahamas. The Plan includes a comprehensive policy framework that will guide Government decision making and investment over the next 25 years. Vision2040 is an initiative of the Government of The Bahamas, developed in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank and in close cooperation with the University of The Bahamas and The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation. The Plan has been guided by extensive research, analysis and widespread public consultation aimed at addressing four main policy pillars: The Economy, Governance, Social Policy and Environment (Natural and Built).

    [What is the National Development Plan? pg. 3]


    National urban policy type:
    Partial - National Development Policy
    Policy temporality:
  • The Bahamas is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with two levels of government: national and local.  The Local Government Act 1996 is the principal legislation that regulates them and classifies them between  second-schedule composed by town committees and third-schedule district councils.
    Local governments in Bahamas do not have the faculty to generate their own income they mostly depend on government transfers trough the consolidate fund. 

  • The territorial planning in the Bahamas takes place on the national and local level through different types of plans. The framework for land use, pertaining to different administrative levels, has been included in the national legislation. The various objectives relating to land administration, infrastructure and sustainable environment have been increasingly incorporated into the national development strategies, which can be seen as paving a way for future advancements in this area.