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Trinidad y Tobago
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Trinidad and Tobago

  • The territorial planning processes in Trinidad and Tobago are grounded in the Planning and Facilitation of Development Act (2010) which presupposes the creation of schemes both on the national and subnational realm. The central government and its planning authorities hold the key role on both of these levels. Moreover, in recent years several national instruments including aspects of urban and territorial planning have been put forward, for instance, the Vision 2030 – the National Development Strategy of Trinidad y Tobago 2016-2030 and the National Spatial Development Strategy (NSDS). They propose various strategies to address the topics of accessible housing, infrastructure, sustainable urban development and thriving human settlements. This paves the way for new advancements in this matter in this Carribean state.

National Urban Policy

  • The National Spatial Development Strategy (NSDS) provides the framework for decisions about the ways in which the national space will be used and developed over the next decade and beyond. In this context, ‘space’ includes the land, water and air, for which the people and Government of Trinidad andTobago are responsible.

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    Partial - Territorial Plan
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