El Salvador

El Salvador
State type
Type of government
Republicano democrático representativo
Administrative Division

National Level

Gobierno Central

Intermediate/Regional Level

Departamentos 14

Local Level

Municipios 262

National Urban Policy

  • This proposal for a National Housing and Habitat Policy of El Salvador has been conceptualized as a high-level public management instrument, with a long-term vision that transcends the periods of administration of the Executive Branch (five-year terms) and should give coherence to the programs and projects to be implemented in the short and medium term to provide a structural response to the housing and habitat problems of El Salvador (Pg. 8).

    National urban policy type:
    Partial - Housing and Habitat Policy
    Policy temporality:
  • El Salvador is a unitary republic. Its Political Constitution encouraged the decentralization process, naming municipalities as technically, economically and administratively autonomous governments. Municipal authorities have the power to regulate their own taxes. The Departments are only administrative and deconcentrated divisions that represent the central government.

    The main municipal revenues are made up of transfers from the central government representing up to half of the local revenues, which still indicates a high dependency, followed by fees, licenses and local taxes. Among local taxes, the most important is property tax, followed by sales tax.