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Art. 112.

(1) All revenues or other moneys raised or received by Trinidad and Tobago, not being revenues or other moneys payable under this Constitution or any other law into some other public fund established for a specific purpose shall, unless Parliament otherwise provides, be paid into and fo...

Art. 113. 2)

(2) The heads of expenditure contained in the estimates, other than expenditure charged upon the Consolidated Fund by this Constitution or any Act, shall be included in a Bill, to be known as an Appropriation Bill, providing for the issue from the Consolidated Fund of the sums necessary...

Art. 114.

Parliament may make provision under which, if the Appropriation Act in respect of any financial year has not come into operation by the beginning of that financial year, the Minister responsible for finance may authorise the withdrawal of moneys from the Consolidated Fund for the purpos...

Art. 108. 2)

(2) The Corporation may collect on behalf of the Government such fees, rates and taxes as the President may by Order prescribe, and may retain for its own use such portion of those fees, rates and taxes as the Minister to whom responsibility for Finance is assigned may determine by Orde...

Art. 81. 1)

(ao) in section 109, by repealing subsection (1) and substituting the following new subsections-  “ (1) The is stablished for every Corporation a Statutory Fund to be known by its corporate name (here in after referred to as a “Corporation Fund”) (1A) The Moneys of a Coporation Fund und...

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Art. 118.

(1) All matters of a financial nature relating to the affairs of a Corporation and all vouchers for the payment of any moneys to be disbursed by the Corporation except petty disbursements not exceeding a sum to be fixed by resolution of the Council shall be submitted for approval to the...

Art. 112.

1) The corporations fund should be applied towards the payment of – (a) the salaries and other remuneration of the Chief Officers and other officers and employees of the Corporation;  (b) the pensions and gratuities under any written law applicable to the Corporation;  (c) the expenses ...