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This fund corresponds to the income which Tobago collects in forms of taxes, fees, duties, levies or others in behalf of the central government which is appopiated and distributed by the parliament for their use.

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Art. 31.

1) Notwithstanding section 13 of the Exchequer and Audit Act, all revenue collected in Tobago on behalf of the Government and payable thereto in respect of activities undertaken or discharged in Tobago shall be paid into the Tobago Fund.  (2) Upon the coming into force of this Act, an...

Art. 30. 1 a)

(1) There shall be a fund to be called “the Tobago Fund” which shall consist of –  (a) such monies as shall be appropriated by Parliament for the use of the Tobago Island Government;    ...

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Central Government - National Budget
Art. 29.

Parliament shall appropriate for the use of the House of Assembly for any financial year no less than 6.8 percent of the total sum appropriated by Parliament in that financial year or such other percentage to be determined by the Fiscal Review Committee and approved by the Parliament by...