Urban Planning and Regional Development Sector Plan

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Urban Planning and Regional Development Sector Plan 
This Sector Plan for Urban Planning and Regional Development is premised on a vision shared by planners of civil society, private sector, and state the important roles they collectively have to play in shaping the planning process to 2030. 
Sector Goals

Comprehensive, efficient and effective planning system
Sector outcomes: (1) A strategic and integrated framework for delivering sustainable development established (2) The role of Local Authorities in place (plan) making strenghtened

National land-use and development planning that guides physical development and optimizes scarce land resources
Sector outcome: Developmental sectors integrated into the planning framework and create balanced and integrated development 

Liveable, equitable and ecologically sensitive communities 
Sector outcome: Places where people are proud to live created 

Vibrant and diversified rural areas 
Sector outcome: A process of growth and diversification in the rural economy/rural areas created 

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