Visión 2040: National Development Plan of the Bahamas (2nd Working Draft, 2017)

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The National Development Plan: Vision2040, provides a roadmap for the future development of The Bahamas. The Plan includes a comprehensive policy framework that will guide Government decision making and investment over the next 25 years.

Key Priority Areas: Governance, Human Capital, Environment, The Economy

ENVIRONMENT (Natural and Built)

Under this Pillar there are four goals:

Goal 8: The Bahamas will have a land administration system that is efficient and fair

·       Strategy 8.1: Efficient Land Information System and Land Agencies

·       Strategy 8.2: Address Land Ownership Challenges

·       Strategy 8.3: Strengthen Administration of Crown Land

·       Strategy 8.4: Create a Land Use Plan to Guide the Country’s Physical Development

Goal 9: The Bahamas will have modern infrastructure in New Providence and the Family Islands built to grow the economy and withstand the effect of climate change

Goal 10: The Bahamas will have an effective interconnected transportation system that enables the free flow of people and goods

Goal 11: The Bahamas will have a natural environment that supports the long-term sustainable development of the Bahamian economy and way of life for generations

Approved by
Office of Prime Minister