National Land Policy (1996)

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National Land Policy
This policy establishes the framework to enhance efficient planning, management, development and use of land. It is comprehensive in order to achieve comprehensive and compatible development which is in harmony with economic and socio-cultural factors. (…) It is formulated to operate within a macro-economic framework, whereby Government’s policies on land will positively impact on stability, economic growth, social and physical development.
3.2. Settlements 
3.2.2. Policies 
Government will adopt policies to:
Provide incentives for development based on the existing hierarchy of district, sub-regional and regional centers identified in the National Settlement Strategy.
Provide a physical planning framework within which sectoral policies and national investment can be coordinated. 
Facilitate the provision of different living and employment opportunities to increase choices of place of employment, housing, lifestyle and recreation to alleviate population growth pressures on Kingston and other fast growing urban areas. 
Provide land to accommodate a range of shelter solutions with emphasis on low cost and self-help housing types and a variety of secure tenure patterns. 
Facilitate affordable settlement solutions through a rationalization of standards for infrastructure development and the adoption and use of acceptable minimum "starter" standards and design criteria for use in low-cost settlement. 
Establish mechanisms for public participation in the planning and development control process including monitoring, for example, using professionals, interest groups, business groups, NGO's and CBO's in the planning process.
Prepare plans for major urban areas, including the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA), as defined by the National Settlement Strategy. 
Decentralize the decision making in agreed areas in the planning, approval, development and monitoring processes. These activities will be co-ordinated so that the relevant government and quasi government agencies could continue to participate when required to do so. Decision on large scale developments, having major environmental, social or economic impact, will not be included.

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