Vision 2030 – the National Development Strategy of Trinidad y Tobago 2016-2030

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Vision 2030 – the National Development Strategy of Trinidad y Tobago 2016-2030

Context and Methodology 
The national development strategy articulates the broad policy framework for development, the overarching national vision to 2030, and national development priorities in the form of short-term goals to 2020, along with the main strategic initiatives for achieving them. It builds on the extensive consultative work done for Vision 2020. 

Investing in sound infrastructure and Development 
Goal 1. Our development efforts will be supported by modern physical infrastructure that embodies the highest standards of quality, aesthetics and functionality. 
Develop a modern, integrated transportation network that provides for the safe, convenient and efficient movement of people and goods within, into and out of the country
Provide high quality economic infrastructure that supports high levels of economic growth and the development of competitive businesses 
Improve the visual appeal and functionality of all public facilities and buildings 
Provides community infrastructure that supports a vibrant living environment throughout the country 
Develop drainage systems that meet ecological requirement and mitigate flooding and health hazards 
Instil an attitude of care and respect for public infrastructure among all citizens 

Goal 3: Trinidad and Tobago will have an inter-connected, well maintained transport infrastructure

Goal 4 - The environment will be valued as a national asset and conserved for the benefits of future generations and the wider international community 
Create environmental infrastructure that enhances the quality of life of all citizens 
Promote judicious national physical development and the sustainable use and management of environment resources 
Integrate the principles of sustainable development into national policies and programmes 
[Selected] Outcomes and outputs by 2020
Goals to 2020:
(...) Citizens will have access to adequate and affordable housing
National Outcomes:
Enhanced effectiveness of the Housing System 
National Outputs:
Improved access to affordable housing 
Improved quality of housing stock 
Improved management of the Housing System 
A safe and operationally efficient transport system 
National Outputs:
Improved Access to a Quality Mass Transit System 
Arterial networks expanded 
Improved land transport facilities 
Improved Port Infrastructure 
Improved airport infrastructure 
Improved management of National Public transport system 
Port Authority Reformed 
Improved Transportation System Institutional/Regulatory Framework 


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