Plan Nacional de Uso el Suelo de Guyana

Tipo de política nacional urbana
Parcial - Plan de Ordenamiento Territorial
Temporalidad de la política
Guyana National Land Use Plan

El objetivo principal del Plan Nacional de Uso del Suelo es proporcionar un marco estratégico para guiar el desarrollo del suelo en Guyana. Como tal, el NLUP se basa en una serie de políticas y estrategias nacionales que tienen una relevancia directa para el uso y la gestión de la tierra.

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Formulating Institution

This National Land Use Plan was developed by the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GL&SC), Land Use Planning Section, with support from the Development of Land Use Planning Project (DLUPP) and financial support from the European Union. As such, this report is a substantive and contracted output from the DLUPP.

[Preface, pg. i]

Elaboration process

The planning team consisted of GL&SC staff supported by consultants. A steering committee, composed of representatives of institutions with various roles and responsibilities in land use planning, was established at the start of the project and met quarterly. In addition, regular presentations and workshops were held throughout the duration of the Project to present findings.

[Introduction, 1.5 Method of Compilation - 1.5.1 Planning Team, pg. 12]

Consultations for land use planning can be divided into two types; institutional and community stakeholder consultations. The institutional consultations were undertaken mainly in Georgetown and followed the pattern of an initial consultation to introduce the aims of the Project followed by a longer consultation to gather information, discuss issues and obtain any available data. Other institutional consultations were also conducted in easily accessible Regions and during the course of a country-wide field trip in September 2011.

[Introduction, 1.5 Method of Compilation - 1.5.3 Consultation, pg. 13]


Main challenge

  • Research & Extension Services
  • Markets & Finance
  • Land Use Conflicts
  • Land Administration
  • Farm to Market Roads
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Planning & Co-ordination
Herramientas de implementación

Operating instruments

Global Land Cover Network (GLCN 2006)

Acción contra el cambio climático

It is not made explicit in the official National Urban Policy document.



No gender focus was found in the National Urban Policy.