Urban planning instruments for mobility financing are discussed during the Community of Practice on Sustainable Urban Mobility and Climate

movilidad urbana

movilidad urbana

The third edition of the Euroclima+ Community of Practice on Sustainable Urban Mobility "CoP Invita" brought together experts and government representatives to discuss strategies and instruments to generate resources for investment in urban mobility. This meeting, held on November 17, 2023, highlighted the participation of ECLAC's Sustainable Development and Human Settlements Division in order to address the challenges of financing sustainable urban mobility.

The session entitled "How to generate investment in urban mobility based on sustainable urban development: Experiences from Latin America", attracted the attention of experts and government leaders from across the region.

During this two-hour session, various perspectives on the workshop theme were presented, followed by group discussion sessions. Nicolas Cruz, from MobiliseYourCity, provided an introduction to the challenges and opportunities in sustainable urban mobility. Claudia Acosta, ECLAC Consultant and Researcher at the FGV CIDADES center (Brazil), shared effective strategies to increase the raising of financial resources for mobility infrastructure investments. In addition, Heliana Lombardi Artigiani, architect and urban planner, coordinator of PLANURBE - Urban Planning Coordination of the Municipal Department of Urban Planning and Licensing - SMUL, presented successful experiences of the Municipality of São Paulo in the application of urban planning instruments and fundraising for investment in urban infrastructure.

The event was attended by 31 participants from national and subnational governments, implementing agencies, initiatives and partner organizations from Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Mexico, Panama and Spain. This diversity of participants allowed a precious exchange of knowledge and experiences, laying the groundwork for future collaborations in the promotion of sustainable urban mobility in the region.

The third edition of "CoP Invita" proved to be a crucial space for the exchange of ideas and the establishment of partnerships in the search for innovative solutions for sustainable urban mobility in Latin America. The organizers hope that the discussions and experiences shared during the event will drive concrete actions and effective policies that contribute to more sustainable urban development throughout the region.

Urban mobility in ECLAC

Urban mobility is the central theme of the project "Inclusive, sustainable and smart cities in the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean", of the ECLAC-BMZ/GIZ cooperation program.

In the current phase of the project, the main research topic of the Human Settlements Unit is the use of co-benefits of investment in urban mobility, with the objective of generating additional sources of resources for the sector. Public policy recommendations will be based on the cases of the cities of São Paulo (Brazil), Bogota (Colombia) and San Jose (Costa Rica).