Governmental transfers

This fund corresponds to the income which Tobago collects in forms of taxes, fees, duties, levies or others in behalf of the central government which is appopiated and distributed by the parliament for their use.

Intergovernmental transfers

According to the Commonwealth Local Government Forum the CCs recieve annual transfers of BB100.0000 in forms of projects from the national government. The money is deposited in their central accounts once reports on spending are approved.  

The consolidated fund is where all the revenues collected in Bahamas are deposited and later redistributed within the different kinds of local government. 

Horizontal-inter-municipal transfers

This type of income comes from the remaining ten per cent of property tax, where parish councils apply to the Minister for that fund on a needs basis. 


The Local Government (Financing and Financial Management) Act is the result of a process of decentralization by the government of Jamaica to empower local governments.