Urban public operators: Towards more sustainable, productive and inclusive cities

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Urban public operators

Urban public operators

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We invite you to participate in our next virtual event, where we will explore the importance of urban operators and their contribution to the challenges of achieving sustainable, fair and inclusive urban development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Urban operations require coordinated and comprehensive governance among stakeholders, as well as a solid financial structure to ensure their sustainability. In addition, they incorporate the management models, land valuation models that they produce, emphasize spatial scale, and emphasize the risks and effects on the population. Therefore, the discussion on urban operators is vital for the development of the cities we want.

The Webinar will offer a rich exchange of experiences to reflect on the crucial role of urban operators as facilitators and managers in the planning of cities and the implementation of land use plans. We will have the valuable participation of several cities and experts in the region, who will share lessons learned. 

The Webinar will present the ECLAC publication "Operadores públicos urbanos: Reflexiones para el desarrollo de ciudades más inclusivas, justas y sostenibles. Experiencias de Quito, Medellín, São Paulo, Bogotá y La Habana". We will highlight the importance of including diverse urban actors to equitably redistribute burdens and benefits, promoting a mixed use that reinforces territorial equity. In addition, we will explore the encouragement of less profitable uses, such as social housing. From the perspective of the urban mobility sector, we will address the central role of urban operators in the design and implementation of occupancy and densification projects together with transportation hubs.

This webinar seeks to fuel the debate on integrated public policies and urban practices that promote sustainable development in our cities.

Guiding questions for the conversation:
  • What governance and management models have proven to be most effective in ensuring the general interest over the particular while at the same time with financial sustainability? Challenges and exploring strategies for improving governance of urban processes and sustainable city planning?  
  • What are the challenges for incorporating urban operators in urban mobility and social housing planning (financially less profitable uses)? What is the governance that enables a smooth coordination between urban operators and public transport system operators/managers?
  • How can public urban operators contribute to improve mobility in Latin American cities and reduce dependence on private transport?
  • What advances and limitations exist in practice for the development of integrated planning that articulates inclusion, social housing, mobility, land management and territorial equity?

Don't miss this opportunity to learn and contribute to the dialogue on the future of our cities!

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11:00 am ~ 11:05 am
Apertura y Bienvenida

Presentación del documento: Operadores urbanos públicos: Lecciones para el desarrollo de ciudades más inclusivas, justas y sostenibles

Diego Aulestia
Jefe de la Unidad de Asentamientos Humanos - CEPAL
11:05 am ~ 11:35 am
Sesión de Presentaciones: Experiencias latinoamericanas de los Operadores Urbanos Públicos – Alcances y Desafíos

Modera: Fiona Littlejohn-Carrillo, Oficial de Asuntos Económicos - CEPAL


  • Presentación caso Bogotá:  Carlos Felipe Reyes, Gerente de RENOBÓ
  • Presentación Ciudad de Guatemala: Eva Campos, Directora Ejecutiva Empresa Metropolitana de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano
  • Presentación sobre Operadores Urbanos y Movilidad: Claudia Acosta, experta regional- Consultora CEPAL
Carlos Felipe Reyes
Gerente de RENOBÓ - Bogotá
Eva Campos
Directora Ejecutiva Empresa Metropolitana de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano de la Ciudad de Guatemala
Claudia Acosta
Experta en políticas de suelo urbano para América Latina y consultora CEPAL
Attached presentation
Carlos Felipe Reyes
Eva Campos
Claudia Acosta
11:35 am ~ 12:20 am
Sesión de Comentaristas y Réplicas
Gabriela Elgueta
Subsecretaria de Vivienda y Urbanismo de Chile
Carolina Rojas
Profesora Asociada y Subdirectora de Investigación y Desarrollo del Instituto de Estudios Urbanos y Territoriales de la Universidad Católica de Chile
Vanessa Rodríguez
Empresa Pública Metropolitana Metro de Quito
12:20 am ~ 12:40 am
Q&A con público presencial y virtual vía CHAT-Streaming
Modera: Fiona Littlejohn-Carrillo
Oficial de Asuntos Económicos – CEPAL
12:40 am ~ 12:45 am
Comentarios finales y cierre
Diego Aulestia
Jefe de la Unidad de Asentamientos Humanos - CEPAL