The XXXII MINURVI 2023 General Assembly in Buenos Aires is approaching

Afiche XXXII Asemblea General MINURVI

Afiche XXXII Asemblea General MINURVI

The thirty-second General Assembly of the Forum of Ministers and Highest Authorities of Housing and Urban Development of Latin America and the Caribbean (MINURVI) will be held on November 9 and 10, 2023. The Assembly will take place in Buenos Aires and will be led by the Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat of Argentina, which chairs the Forum for the period 2023, and will be supported by ECLAC in its role as technical co-secretariat of MINURVI.

The meeting will address crucial issues for the Latin American and Caribbean region, with the aim of fostering an exchange of visions, reflections and experiences to address the challenges of cities and the urban dimension of the region. Special attention will be given to issues such as urban inclusion, including the dimensions of gender, care economy and migration, as well as housing and habitat and sustainable urban mobility.

The main theme of the meeting will be financing for climate change mitigation in urban settlements, which was the focus of an extraordinary Ministerial Meeting in April 2023. At this meeting, the MINURVI presidency is promoting a proposal for the creation of a green fund for the implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. For this purpose, an agenda has been articulated with different development banks.

The first day of the event will feature multi-stakeholder dialogues between the highest authorities, civil society, academia, international organizations and development banks. The second day will be focused on ministerial dialogue with the highest authorities of housing and urbanism, with the objective of reaching a common declaration on the priorities, objectives and challenges for the 2024 period. In addition, the new executive committee and president for the 2024 period will be elected.

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